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Unlock the power of Liquid Staking
Get yields securely, equally and transparently at best rates on the market. Keep access to your staked asset at all times. Deposit TON, we'll do the rest.
We want everyone to get rewards for participating in blockchain security.
Tonstakers is secure to the core
Built to Last
Built in alliance with TON Core Developers.

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Open Source
The future must be accessible to all, so our protocol is open source.

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We have been audited by Certik, a top-ranked blockchain security company.

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The stakes remain completely under your control, without intermediaries.
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We’ve partnered with the TON Core Developers, a team working on the technical part of TON blockchain, Tonkeeper, a leading TON wallet, TOP Labs, a venture capital studio, OKX, a top global crypto exchange, and Staking Rewards, a leading crypto staking data aggregator.
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How it works
How to Get Yields from TON Using Tonstakers
Deposit TON
Deposit the desired amount of TON coins you want to stake on the platform.
Receive tsTON
Receive tsTON tokens, which represent share in the TON pool.
Earn Rewards
With your staking asset while using liquid token for other purposes.
Just exchange anytime your tsTON tokens back for TON coins with the accumulated yield.
Expecting questions, we answer
What is TON? Arrow

The Open Network (TON) is a scalable blockchain project, designed to handle millions of transactions per second and host a wide range of applications.

TON has its own currency, Toncoin.

More information can be found here:

What is Liquid Staking? Arrow

Liquid Staking allows you to earn yield on your TON coins while keeping your funds under your full control.

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What is APY? Arrow

APY is like an interest rate for crypto, showing how much you can earn in a year.

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What is tsTON? Arrow

tsTON is a special crypto you get for staking, which you can use or swap in the TON network.

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What is minimum required for stake? Arrow

You can start from the minimum amount of 1 TON.

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